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Marc Bolan

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Motley Crue @ Hollywood Bowl 7-21-14

It’s not really common to be out late partying on a Monday. But this particular night was an exception. A great evening was in the very near future, just follow the “X” in the star lit sky. At 8:00pm the lights go out at the Hollywood Bowl and the crowd claps and cheers like this is going to be the best night of their lives. After a crowd solo for several solid minutes, Alice Cooper comes out with a cane in one hand and a microphone in the other. The audience doesn’t quiet down, so Cooper had to yell above the people. From then on you just know this was going to be a concert to put in the books. Alice Cooper did an exciting act. Not only did he sing classic songs, he also got electrocuted, got put in a straight jacket, went insane, tried to fight off nurses dressed in miniskirts, then, finally, he got beheaded by a guillotine.              

It took a while for the crowd to simmer down. After talking amongst themselves about what the just saw and heard the lights flash, signaling the beginning of Motley Crue. When the stage got completely lit up you see Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, and Tommy Lee. The Hollywood Bowl came back to life with excitement. The intro to Saints of Los Angeles starts with just instrumental as Vince Neil walks to the front of the stage and takes lead vocals. As Saints fades out, Wild Side begins. No time for a pause as these songs graciously become one. The only thing you can do is soak in the cool evening air with the scent of pot and look out at the stage with a little smoke haze coming from all directions as Mars and Sixx rock out while two girls dance and sing backing vocals on side-stage platforms and lights strobe from red to blue. Then black. Half a second later Primal Scream starts.

Same Ol’ Situation begins and the dancers come back out, one of them brings Neil his guitar. The girls dance on stage during S.O.S. And as the band transitions from S.O.S. to Looks That Kill, the dancers move to behind the backdrop where they continue dancing but now as silhouettes against a pink lit screen.

The band takes a breather, and so does the stage lights. All except for the “X” shining overhead by the search lights on either side of the Bowl. After a minute of sheer applauding Motley Crue decides to get On With The Show. The seventh song in the set is Too Fast For Love. With its rumbling bass the stage takes on a bright red look and the crowd and the band becomes one voice. This band/audience connection doesn’t stop as Smokin’ In The Boys Room comes on next. Nearly entering the middle of the set, Vince introduces Without You saying, “People got married to this song. People got pregnant to this song. If you’re around 25 years old, this song is a product of you.” The crowd laughs and the band takes its first notes. The song carries on with its smooth feel and the Bowl turns quiet. Half the people bring their lighters out swaying them back and forth. When the song comes to an end its back to business with Mars front and center wailing on the guitar. White fireworks explode and in comes Mother Fucker Of The Year.

While the last note rings to a halt Vince brings out Nikki to do a little monologue. Nikki tells a short story of the band in its early days and all the fans and how thankful they all are for being where they are right now; home sweet home, in Hollywood. To carry on the vibe they do their own rendition of the Sex Pistols Anarchy In The UK; singing Anarchy In The USA and then Dr. Feelgood.

Song 13: Shout At The Devil. The most climactic piece of the show. Tons of lights flashing and shining everywhere and fire bursting out of the backdrop every time Vince and the audience yells “shout!” Right when you think the song is coming to an end Nikki comes strolling to the center of the stage and plays bass normally when all of a sudden he turns his bass into a sort of flame thrower. Now at every “shout” not only is there fire in the background, it’s also in the foreground. Fireworks start exploding and the drums, guitar, and bass gives it their all and then… it stops.

Don’t Go Away Mad is next, then a wicked guitar solo by Mars accompanied by more fireworks toward the end and through the beginning of Live Wire. Too Young To Fall In Love follows. Vince introduces the next song by singling out the girls in the audience and has them scream as loud as they can and then the band plays Girls,Girls,Girls. The dancers come out for the last time during Girls and slip away just as nonchalantly when it ends.

The last song of the evening is Kickstart My Heart, fire blasting out on every “oh yeah”. The vocals finally come to a conclusion, but the instruments keep going along with the lights and fire. Fireworks go off again and then everything goes silent for a fraction of a second, just enough time for Vince to yell out one last “fuck yes!” and then the grand finale of guitars, drums, bass, fireworks, confetti, and crowd screams. The stage goes black and the band walks off, leaving their instruments’ roaming feedback. The crowd doesn’t cool down for several minutes. They keep screaming and chanting “Crue! Crue!Crue!”

After a while the band comes back out and gives what the people want; an encore. They play Home Sweet Home and on the monitors there’s a montage of old pictures and video clips throughout the years of Motley Crue. Monday July 21, 2014 was the night Motley Crue played the Hollywood Bowl for The Final Tour and they rocked the roof off of an outdoor venue.



Peppermint Poolside / Laurie Rollitt

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Joy Division | Love Will Tear Us Apart

Emotions won’t grow and we’re changing our ways,
Love will tear us apart, again.


Millions Like Us

Annie Lennox/Eurythmics